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Little is known of his early life, however he had an innate gift for languages and it is said that over the course of his life he became fluent in seven different languages—Greek, Hebrew, Latin, German, Dutch, French, and Spanish. While interacting with his fellow students, he became disturbed by their complete lack of biblical knowledge. Driven by his love for theology he studied through the major themes of the Bible and entered into discussions with other students about the meaning of various texts.

He Gave His Life to Give Us the Bible

He reflected at this time,. In the universities they have ordained that no man shall look on Scripture until he be noselled in heathen learning eight or nine years, and armed with false principles he is clean shut out of the understanding of Scripture. All around Oxford Tyndale became known as a man with a vociferous passion for proclaiming the Bible.

Eventually, he fled the controversy and sought a quiet corner at Cambridge University in order to continue his studies. During this time of intense contemplation Tyndale became well acquainted with the writings of Martin Luther. He also spent many hours mastering the Greek edition of the New Testament produced by the Dutch scholar Desiderius Erasmus c.

After completing his studies at Cambridge, Tyndale took a position as a private tutor to the children of an English knight—Sir John Walsh of Glouchestershire.

He realized that if the people had the Bible in their own language, that many of the false doctrines of Roman Catholicism would be repudiated. His arguments, however, for an English translation fell on deaf ears. He received no encouragement from the Bishop of London, Cuthbert Tunstall, or any other ecclesiastical officials. With the financial backing of several sympathetic English merchants in Antwerp, Tyndale finished the first edition of his New Testament in He found a willing printer in Cologne, but before it could be printed the local police made a raid and prevented the work from being completed.

With the help of an enterprising merchant Tyndale sold most of the first edition at a very high price to the Bishop of London. Many scholars today believe that such is the case. Although the Authorised King James Version is ostensibly the production of a learned committee of churchmen, it is mostly cribbed from Tyndale with some reworking of his translation.

He Gave His Life to Give Us the Bible

A memorial to Tyndale stands in Vilvoorde , where he was executed. It shows his right hand on an open Bible, which is itself resting on an early printing press. The Tyndale Monument was built in on a hill above his supposed birthplace, North Nibley , Gloucestershire. See the List of Anglican Church Calendars. Tyndale is also honoured in the Calendar of Saints of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America as a translator and martyr the same day. Categories: Uncategorized. Zia H.

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Arrogantly refused to accord him due recognition and honor that befit him. Time will tell. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Contents [ hide ]. William Tyndale: Man with a Mission.

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Page 2. Avalon Press; c. William Tyndale: his life, his legacy Videorecording.

A new standard for modern English

Cambridge UP. Retrieved 7 October Mills ed. McGrath, Christian literature: an anthology Wiley-Blackwell, , p. III Wks. William Shakespeare quotes hundreds of times in his plays from the Geneva translation of the Bible. Between and at least editions of this Bible were published.

3. William Tyndale and the Language of At-one-ment

Examination of the King James Bible shows clearly that its translators were influenced much more by the Geneva Bible, than by any other source. The Geneva in fact, remained more popular than the King James Version until decades after its original release in ! With the end of Queen Mary's bloody reign, the reformers could safely return to England.

The marginal notes, which were vehemently against the institutional Church of the day, did not rest well with the rulers of the day. Another version, one with a less inflammatory tone was desired, and the copies of the Great Bible were getting to be decades old. In , a revision of the Great Bible known as the Bishop's Bible was introduced. The Geneva may have simply been too much to compete with.

By the 's , the Roman Catholic Church saw that it had lost the battle to suppress the will of God: that His Holy Word be available in the English language. In , the Church of Rome surrendered their fight for "Latin only" and decided that if the Bible was to be available in English, they would at least have an official Roman Catholic English translation. And so, using the corrupt and inaccurate Latin Vulgate as the only source text, they went on to publish an English Bible with all the distortions and corruptions that Erasmus had revealed and warned of 75 years earlier.

In , Dr. William Fulke of Cambridge published the "Fulke's Refutation", in which he printed in parallel columns the Bishops Version along side the Rheims Version, attempting to show the error and distortion of the Roman Church's corrupt compromise of an English version of the Bible. The Protestant clergy approached the new King in and announced their desire for a new translation to replace the Bishop's Bible first printed in They knew that the Geneva Version had won the hearts of the people because of its excellent scholarship, accuracy, and exhaustive commentary.

However, they did not want the controversial marginal notes proclaiming the Pope an Anti-Christ, etc. Essentially, the leaders of the church desired a Bible for the people, with scriptural references only for word clarification or cross-references. This "translation to end all translations" for a while at least was the result of the combined effort of about fifty scholars.

The great revision of the Bishop's Bible had begun. From to the scholars engaged in private research. From to the work was assembled. In the work went to press, and in the first of the huge 16 inch tall pulpit folios known today as "The King James Bible" came off the printing press. A typographical discrepancy in Ruth rendered a pronoun "He" instead of "She" in that verse in some printings. Starting just one year after the huge pulpit-size King James Bibles were printed and chained to every church pulpit in England; printing then began on the earliest normal-size printings of the King James Bible.

These were produced so individuals could have their own personal copy of the Bible. It was printed to compete with the Protestant Geneva Bible, by authorities who throughout most of history were hostile to Protestants… and killed them. Nevertheless, the King James Bible turned out to be an excellent and accurate translation, and it became the most printed book in the history of the world, and the only book with one billion copies in print.

William Tyndale: He Gave His Life to Give Us the Bible | United Church of God

In fact, for over years He was commended by President George Washington for providing Americans with Bibles during the embargo of imported English goods due to the Revolutionary War. In , Isaac Collins vastly improved upon the quality and size of the typesetting of American Bibles and produced the first "Family Bible" printed in America The widespread popularity of this modern-English translation brought with it another curious characteristic: the absence of the 14 Apocryphal books.

The original King James contained the Apocrypha, and King James threatened anyone who dared to print the Bible without the Apocrypha with heavy fines and a year in jail. Only for the last years has the Protestant Church rejected these books, and removed them from their Bibles. Bible by publishing the nearly-identical American Standard Version A.

It was also widely-accepted and embraced by churches throughout America for many decades as the leading modern-English version of the Bible. This New American Standard Bible is considered by nearly all evangelical Christian scholars and translators today, to be the most accurate, word-for-word translation of the original Greek and Hebrew scriptures into the modern English language that has ever been produced. It remains the most popular version among theologians, professors, scholars, and seminary students today.