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Let's see if the crowds return this week. Visit the FB event page here. Local pie-lovers have long-lamented the difficulty of finding a simple slice of pie in this town, and especially downtown at least since the glory days of Paradise Cafe. So a few of us quickly called a "Pie Summit" last weekend when tweeted an enticing pic of a banana-toffee pie with Kahlua whipped cream. Readers, it was delicious. And we were pleased to chat with 's "pie girl" who happens to be Mr. Arthur Dodge's wife and learn that plans a pie special each weekend. She even took requests from us.

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Well, this IS after all. This ain't the "corporate pie" of Perkins. So start yourself a "pie fund" and check it out. LFK's craft-beer craze continues and now you can supplement your Merchant's sampling with a new joint called Ted's Taphouse, which is operating out of Oh Boy chicken down at 10th and Mass and still serving the Oh Boy menu in case you need a giant piece of gluten-free bird to complement your Avery Brewing Maharaja.

It's a nice little beer menu, and seems to change frequently, so check them out and give them a "like" on FB here. They don't have a real sign yet. And we need three things to like, so we're going with Gaslight Gardens' Spelling Bee for the third. This event has been going on for awhile now we think but we've yet to make it out.

Sounds intriguing, though. Unfortunately, we are terribul spellars after a few PBRs. The next edition of the Bee is this Saturday, and according to the FB event page , no one is going and no one has been invited. So perhaps you'll be the only one there, just sitting quietly on the patio, trying to spell "loneliness. Doesn't it look like a delightful place to spend a spring evening in LFK if it ever quits snowing? Who is the quintessential Iowa band? You don't immediately know, do you?

Well, maybe it's The River Monks. Some music scribes have suggested as much. Find out what the buzz is about when these harmonizing Iowans make their way down to the Jackpot on Wednesday for a lovely, folky evening. Check out the River Monks' media page here via Temp Agency, give them a "like" on FB here , and listen to a track from the soon-to-be-released album Home is the Hous e via Bandcamp.

Fair question though. The city that formed around the river became Des Moines. IS there a discernible Iowa sound or aesthetic? And do you feel like you embody it? But I'm always impressed by sophisticated harmonies, which I've never mastered. Tell us about the band's harmonies and the difficulties associated with them. But actually I hear the sound is better there lately.

Who's the whistler of the band? Sometimes I can whistle and sometimes I can't. Does it ever fail on stage? I sometimes have a hard time taking ukuleles seriously. Tell us about the role of the ukulele in your sound.

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  8. And why do you think they're so prominent in the indie-folk scene these days? Since you all hail from Des Moines, which the Today show just called "the wealthiest city in America," do you think you could buy me a bunch of PBR at this show? Captiva is a young indie-funk band or "funky shiz" band, as they call it out of KC. You probably don't know them yet. But they'll be popping up at several Lawrence shows in the coming months.

    We decided to find out just how funky this shiz really is, so we sat down for a nice chat about their upcoming debut record and the KC music scene. Now enjoy this Captiva-ting interview! To me, "Captiva" sounds like a perfume that should have one of those vaguely kinky and bewildering black and white ads.

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    Or maybe it sounds like a French torture-porn film. But I'm guessing that's not what you were going for? No, Captiva isn't a perfume or an exotic porno. But, if the listeners demand it, then we'll do what we have to do. Captiva is also an island off the coast off Florida, a popular vacation destination. This symbolizes our music as being a sort of vacation or fresh breath of air from a routine stress-filled day.

    Tell us about working with them. Will you be bringing some of their Irish sounds into the mix at all?? We mainly work with the fiddle and guitar player Brent Hoad. Brent is a funny guy and has the same goony personality as we do, which makes it easy to connect and have a good time when we're in the studio. Our music does have a sort of folk sound to it due to some of our acoustic, finger-picking tracks, but most all of those tracks were created long before we came into the influence of The Elders.

    Describe the Captiva sound for us in a little more detail? Is it easy to shake my ass to it? Our genre is something more like "indie funk meets rappy folk.

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    6. On the other hand, we also have certain tunes that will give a listener some time to chill out and enjoy some good vibes. What do you think are the best-kept secrets in KC in terms of cool venues and cool bands our readers should look into? Over only a small number of years, the music scene has developed rapidly, and we have seen the growth of many wonderful bands, some of whom we have had or will have the pleasure of working with such as New Madrid, AY-MusiK, and countless others. The always-expanding variety and size of the music community in KC truly represents the strength of our city.

      In our personal opinions, the KCMO scene is one of the best nationwide. Hands down. Captiva has grown so rapidly and heavily within such a short time, and we owe it all to our city. Our loyal fans and strong support system really pushes us to represent our town as best as possible. We do produce dope music, and good looks, but KC is what makes our dope shiz look so damn good.

      Everyone should be at the Bottleneck April 2nd, especially college kids, as this is one of our last shows in Lawrence before we start touring the college market. We'll be playing some house parties over the summer, and the Granada June 28th, but this is one show you won't want to miss. Get your buds take "buds" in whatever form you please and come chill with us. We love L-Town, and we know you love us, so let's get down in college town like you know best and make a party that'll end your year feeling buzzed. No, he hasn't heard their music at all. Friday, March 14, Spring Break and St.

      KU's Spring Break is about to kick into high gear. It's Chip's pick of the week.

      Wolf Springs Chronicles Book Series:

      As predicted, Nerd Nite 25 was a full return to the joyful, obsessive nerdery that we associate with the event. The James Bond presentation by Tom Weiss was an instant Nerd Nite classic based on premise alone and the deadpan delivery elevated it further still.

      Weiss focused on Bond's eating preferences and dining partners and destinations with detailed charts and graphs tracing the gustatory exploits of everyone's favorite spy. And apparently, at one point, Bond makes a stop in Springfield, MO, to sample a delicious "chicken pie. Caleb Chin's exploration of Bitcoin lost us a few times in its tech-y, math-y moments as we are not those kind of nerds but nonetheless offered an interesting glimpse into the past, present, and future of digital coinage. Did you know Whoopi Goldberg was associated with a precursor of internet currency called Flooz , dating as far back as ?

      And local artists Kent Smith and Matthew Lord wrapped up the evening with a rundown of their continuing cryptozoology project "Snipe Hunt," an art and oral history project chronicling encounters with legendary creatures He certainly exists more as legend than fact though a few of you HAVE partied with him. Send in your Chip sightings! Chaos reigns at Liberty Hall this week.

      A solid crowd was on hand for pure Marx Brothers' anarchy in Duck Soup last night one guy near the front of the balcony laughed so hard he nearly hyperventilated and on Retro Cocktail Hour's Cinema a Go-Go returns on Friday with the giant monster brawl of Destroy All Monsters. It's gonna be a lot more fun than the Big 12 tournament and Chip predicts that KU will be out of the tournament by Friday anyway. When Johnny Switchblade asked us to help spread the word on their Thursday show at the Jackpot, we agreed quickly, partly because we liked the name and partly because Chip was afraid they might cut him.

      So here's what's happening.

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      Let's hope the members of Johnny Switchblade are indeed packing their blades for the trip, because Lawrence is seeming unusually stabby these days. And here's the scoop directly from Johnny Switchblade and check out their tunes here via ReverbNation : "This is gonna be a great show! Six bands, Thursday night, plenty of booze, plenty of noise.

      Doors at , first band on at We've heard a few recent grumblings that certain Nerd Nite presentations didn't seem quite nerdily obsessive enough. Eric K.


      Shieldbreaker: Episode 1: Road of the Sword. Ty Johnston. Richard Freeland. I Am Going to Be Somebody.