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Some prefer close, intimate friendships; others prefer more distant ones. Some people prefer having a small group of two or three close friends while others enjoy having a large group of friends. There is no commonly accepted language available to characterize friendships. Two friends need to make accommodations to each other constantly, but in a true friendship, this happens almost seamlessly most of the time. Open communication is essential to resolve conflicts and misunderstandings.

Friends need to be mindful that solid friendships are reciprocal. One friend can be more needy than the other at a given point in time—but over time, things need to balance out. One friend may share a particular hobby or interest, like dance or yoga.

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Another may be a mentor at work who motivates you to achieve your personal best. Another may be someone who lives close by, making spontaneous get-togethers possible. Doing so can be especially tempting when someone is in the throes of a new romance or new job. At different times and during different life passages, individuals may feel like they need more or fewer friends.

Promposals can put girls in an uncomfortable position. Jane thinks that the traditions of prom asks are unsettling. And girls feel pressured to keep quiet when they consider asking a boy to prom. The boy going with his best friend. He is going to prom with his best friend, who is a girl. All my friends and I will definitely spend the night as a group. Boys feel the pressure from their friends. The romantic promposal fantasy.

Jenny goes to an all-girls school, so the girls have to ask their dates to prom.

Boys going with boys. Adam, who identifies as gay, says he would bring a boy to prom at his all-boys school if he had a date. The girl who asked an underclassman. Nicole asked a junior boy to her prom, which is only for seniors and their dates. Some names have been changed. It was such fun! He laughed and joked all the way and talked about interesting things. We went for a long tramp this morning and got caught in a storm. Our clothes were drenched before we reached home—but our spirits not even damp. You should have seen Mrs.

You are soaked through.

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What shall I do? That nice new coat is perfectly ruined. She was awfully funny; you would have thought that we were ten years old, and she a distracted mother. The world is full of happiness, and plenty to go round, if you are only willing to take the kind that comes your way. The whole secret is in being pliable. In the country, especially, there are such a lot of entertaining things. Then while she was dressing, he told Carrie to pack up a lunch, and he told me to scramble into my walking clothes; and we slipped out the back way and went fishing.

It discommoded the household dreadfully, because Lock Willow of a Sunday dines at two. But he ordered dinner at seven—he orders meals whenever he chooses; you would think the place were a restaurant—and that kept Carrie and Amasai from going driving. Did you ever hear anything so funny?

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And poor Mrs. Semple believes that people who go fishing on Sundays, go afterwards to a sizzling hot hell! Besides—she wished to show him off in church. Anyway, we had our fishing he caught four little ones and we cooked them on a camp-fire for lunch. They kept falling off our spiked sticks into the fire, so they tasted a little ashy, but we ate them. We got home at four and went driving at five and had dinner at seven, and at ten I was sent to bed—and here I am, writing to you. Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum.

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Our conversation these past two days has been nautical and piratical. Excuse me for filling my letters so full of Stevenson; my mind is very much engaged with him at present. Lippett warned me that you were eccentric. There are one or two glancing references to Master Jervie. He has gone, and we are missing him! When you get accustomed to people or places or ways of living, and then have them suddenly snatched away, it does leave an awfully empty, gnawing sort of sensation.

College opens in two weeks and I shall be glad to begin work again. Those I sent to the magazines all came back with the most courteous promptitude. You should see the sky! It commenced just that moment with drops as big as quarters and all the shutters banging. A storm is awfully disturbing in the country. You are always having to think of so many things that are out of doors and getting spoiled. Back at college again and an upper classman.

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Our study is better than ever this year—faces the South with two huge windows—and oh! Julia, with an unlimited allowance, arrived two days early and was attacked with a fever of settling.

We have new wall paper and Oriental rugs and mahogany chairs—not painted mahogany which made us sufficiently happy last year, but real. Will you kindly convey to me a comprehensible reason why I should not accept that scholarship? But look at it just a second from my point of view. The allowance I shall still most gratefully accept.

It requires an allowance to live up to Julia and her furniture! Are you still harping on that scholarship? Is there any one in the world that I know less? You belong, Mr. Smith, to a sex devoid of a sense of logic. To bring a man into line, there are just two methods: one must either coax or be disagreeable.

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And listen—I have a further thought. You can apply the money that you would have spent for me, toward educating some other little girl from the John Grier Home. So I had to get out and take the next car, and was late for gymnasium. Julia Pendleton has invited me to visit her for the Christmas holidays.

How does that strike you, Mr. And a stereognathus? This is an awfully wasteful country to throw away such an honest, educated, conscientious, intelligent citizen as I would be. I invited Jimmie McBride, and Sallie invited his room-mate at Princeton, who visited them last summer at their camp—an awfully nice man with red hair—and Julia invited a man from New York, not very exciting, but socially irreproachable. He is connected with the De la Mater Chichesters. Perhaps that means something to you?

However—our guests came Friday afternoon in time for tea in the senior corridor, and then dashed down to the hotel for dinner. The hotel was so full that they slept in rows on the billiard tables, they say. Jimmie McBride says that the next time he is bidden to a social event in this college, he is going to bring one of their Adirondack tents and pitch it on the campus. Our functions commence early! The next morning we had a glee club concert—and who do you think wrote the funny new song composed for the occasion?