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The muggle should just accept that he's going to lose all his money. His only chance would be to bet big before the flop, but this is a risky strategy. When he starts with good cards, like a high pair, and the telepath starts with a higher pair, the muggle will lose big. This is even worse: the clairvoyant knows what all the cards will be, so the telepath now knows this, too.

The entire hand is a foregone conclusion in the telepath's mind. The clairvoyant has zero chance. The telepath will bet the maximum on half the hands the one's she's winning and often enough on the others to convince the clairvoyant to fold winning hands and bet on losing hands. This game has some level of subtlety. The clairvoyant will know what she will have at the end of the game, but won't know what the other player will have. However, there are lots of hands where you know you almost certainly must have the highest hand: an inside straight, a high straight, a flush with a high kicker, full-house or four-of-a-kind.

Even a high three-of-a-kind can often be an undisputable winner eg.

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The clairvoyant requires skill with statistics and some skill at reading her opponent. But I suspect even a casual player with a strong statistics background would trounce most any professional. The telepath knows the normal player's cards at the start of the hand. The telepath can determine the probability of a person winning at any given point in time.

The only way the normal person would make money would be if the odds were against him at the begginning, yet he bet or called substantial amount of money, and then the odds switched to his favour. As with game 1, the telepath is at a better position. Hence the clairvoyant will apply the same strategy as the normal guy in game 1. This game is also biased, but fair enough for both players to employ complex strategies.

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If they are playing optimal strategies, then the normal player will fold most of the time not always. He has meek chance of winning. However, for human players, he still has some chance of winning, if he is better at bluffing and calling bluffs than the clairvoyant. You have not mentioned for how long they are required to play.

If they are playing forever, the person at a disadvantage is going to go bankrupt after a finite number of games due to the blinds , no matter what. If the number of games is fixed, the above rules apply. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. A poker player, a telepath and a clairvoyant Ask Question. Asked 4 years, 1 month ago. Active 4 years, 1 month ago.

Viewed times. So we have three match-ups. A usual guy against a telepath. A telepath against clairvoyant. A clairvoyant against a usual guy. Serg Z. Aug 29 '15 at Is it no-limit, pot-limit, or limit betting? The telepath has a huge advantage, but the clairvoyant will end up winning because he will get dealt the "King of Beers" coaster that counts and beats the telepath's 4 Aces with 5 Kings.

Game 2 Here, the clairvoyant is at a disadvantage, because everything they can read, the telepath can learn from them. Game 3 In this game, the clairvoyant has the advantage, and thus is likely to win. Glen O Glen O 3, 1 1 gold badge 11 11 silver badges 29 29 bronze badges. It'll just be just a game between one guy who plays blind and and another who doesn't. So telepath will have a big advantage because he'll be able to calculate his pot odds.

Unlike a blindly played guy. The most important thing in this sort of poker is the reading of the opposing player. Playing blind means that the telepath can't possibly read the regular player, while the regular player can read the telepath. If the game comes down to the odds, and calculation thereof, the regular player will necessarily lose unless they're allowed to be capable of imagining their cards as though they looked at them, thus fooling the telepath.

Unless the telepath deterministically plays a certain way based on the strength of their hand and their opponent is perfect at reading this information, the telepath has a significant edge. To look at this another way: if two normal guys played and one of them decided not to look at their own cards, should the other one stop looking at theirs as well? I'd suggest that if most ordinary people were to try to play poker against some of the world's best poker players, they'd still lose even if the poker player played blind.

But in any case, the question does not give any reason to assume different levels of skill for the players other than their special abilities.

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Game 2. Likewise, if psychic abilities did exist, it would be likely that cardplayers would use them, just as companies would for oil prospecting - and presumably, we would know about it.

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It's in the interest of cardplayers to do whatever is in their power to improve their game - however, most professional cardplayers won't even admit that they read books about poker. They don't want potential competition to know the fastest path to improving their game. Would it be such a surprise if cardplayers conceal something so important? After all, they're in the business of deception.

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I believe some good poker players actually employ a degree of extrasensory perception ESP. While I've never studied the subject in depth, it seems to me there's too much evidence to ignore that ESP exists or that most people have it to some degree. Everybody has had the experience of riding with someone else in an automobile and thinking of a song, then being surprised to hear his companion start singing that very song.

You can't imagine how often I've called a player's exact hand to myself and been proven right. There's even a plausible, though completely unproven, explanation how a person could know what cards another player is holding. The brain's functions involve electrical impulses.

In this electronic age we're becoming more familiar every day with appliances which broadcast, purely as an unintentional by-product, energy impulses which are picked up on dissimilar appliances at considerable distances. Is it really too unreasonable to suspect that such a highly sophisticated electrical device as the human brain, during the intensity of concentration in a big pot, could broadcast a simple message like "a pair of jacks" a mere eight feet?

If Doyle Brunson is thinks that there is evidence for psychic abilities, and we know that players in general have some reasons to hide them, then it is reasonable to ask the question. In my next posts, I'll talk about some case studies from hands I've played, and types of psychic abilities which might be useful.

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