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All maps include rendering of elevations, which is very useful for appreciating the landscape. The labeling is, for the most part, intuitive and uncrowded.

Oxford bible atlas

Being a Bible atlas, it is understandable that most maps are focused on the region of Cisjordan and Transjordan. The cartographers have used a template view for these maps, which extends from Sidon and Damascus in the north down to the region south of the Dead Sea. The result of these factors is a sensible uniformity that allows for easy comparison between maps representing different eras.

There are also a handful of maps with different purviews e. There is, helpfully, an index of place names at the back of the book for reference use — This is further supplemented by an extensive general index —29 and a chronology chart that lists dates, archaeological periods, and major figures and events in Syria-Palestine, Egypt, and Mesopotamia — This chronology ranges from the Upper Paleolithic period starting ca. The atlas also makes frequent use of color photographic images.

These include photographs of topographical features e.

Oxford Bible Atlas

Some of the images are now quite old. For example, the aerial photograph of Tel Dan on page 13 shows an almost pristine tel, yet excavation has been conducted at the site since the late s.

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Other images suffer from poor resolution, presumably also because of their age. This is, however, only a minor distraction, for the impression conveyed by the photographs is still highly informative.

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One is struck, for example, by the fuzzy resolution of the photograph of Judean hills on page 22 when compared to the crispness of the two images of the Judean Desert on the facing page Yet, given the degree of urbanization that has occurred in the region today, this older photograph gives the viewer a good sense of the area as it must have been in antiquity, particularly capturing the practice of terrace farming. Perhaps the most striking feature of this atlas is the vast amount of text that supplements the visual images.

About two-thirds of the atlas is given over to text. This is both a strength and a weakness.

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The strength lies in the fact that the text provides, for the most part, a succinct introduction to the world of the Bible, both in terms of the literature, historical background, and archaeological investigation. The text has been updated since the third edition, taking in some of the more recent developments in biblical studies and related fields. Most of these relate to the historical issues of the Iron Age. Yet the tenor of the commentary is neither maximalist nor minimalist. The Atlas also includes a fully illustrated survey of archaeology and its importance for bible study.

The Oxford Bible Atlas is an outstanding guide to the geography, history and archaeology of the Holy Land throughout biblical history, from Exodus to the New Testament.

Lavishly printed in full-color on fine, sturdy paper and uniquely affordable, the Oxford Bible Atlas Fourth Edition is a perfect guide for history buffs and students of the Bible. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Book Description Oxford University Press, Condition: New.

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New Bible Dictionary, Third Edition. The Documents of the Christian Church. Englishman's Greek Concordance. The accompanying commentary describes the land of Palestine, and its wider ancient Near Eastern and east Mediterranean settings within the context of its successive historical periods, and describes the major civilizations with which Israelites, Jews, and early Christians came into contact.

Finally, an illustrated survey of the relevance of archaeology for the study of the Bible is provided. Includes a full chronology, suggestions for further reading, an index of place names, and a general index. The Oxford Bible Atlas is an essential resource for all students of the Bible, the Atlas provides a superb guide to the geography of the Holy Land throughout history, from the Exodus to New Testament times. Related Products. Donald K. Richard D. Introduction to the Bible Stephen J. Stephen J. Michael D. Have a question about this product?

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