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The net total increase or decrease in store count was noted, and that data was tallied across companies. IHL reports that fewer retailers make up the bulk of closures in According to IHL, excess debt and rapid overexpansion driven by historically low interest rates, are the two primary factors driving chain closures. Lack of innovation and short-sighted private equity have also played a significant role in many store closings, note the researchers.

Amazon will retrain a third of its U.S. workforce by - Activate World

Only two industries—apparel and department stores—show a net decline in stores among all the retailers in the segment. A Growth Story. C-stores are also seeing a lot of activity.

Technology Is the Future. IHL Group reports that this is the first year where the total spend on technology growth at store level was higher than technology spend at an enterprise level. The leaders are doing that, and the laggards are not.

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Facebook Twitter LinkedIn More than five retail chains—across multiple industry segments—are opening stores for every retailer that is closing stores in , according to new research from Franklin, Tenn. While studying Civil Engineering at Georgia Tech, Roland discovered that his passion extended beyond inventing and innovating—he loved helping others access resources and training to enable them to bring their ideas to life as well.

Blame the US Retail Apocalypse on hedge funds and financialization, not Amazon and Walmart

Roland has a degree in Civil Engineering from Georgia Tech. Roland passionately believes that everyone is born with the ability to create something incredible, and that it takes a group of people working in tandem to introduce a truly timeless and impactful innovation to the world.

This drive purpose motivates him out of bed every morning, and fuels his work at Partsimony. Samara Karasyk is the Chief Policy Officer at the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce , where she oversees their policy agenda, legislative and intergovernmental affairs, marketing, and public relations. She began her public service career at the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation working on workforce development and job readiness training, later moving to the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission to focus on transportation policy and constituent affairs.

This Week in CX: Retail Closings, Religion and Amazon Trying to be Fashionable

She lives in Brooklyn with her family and loves living here and working with the people and businesses of this dynamic borough. Christopher continues to push the boundaries of FARO to find new value for their customers. He has been instrumental to the growth of organizations investing in 3D Capture technologies through a range of industries and constantly looking for new ways to disrupt others.

At Served Fresh Media, Charlie and her team provide digital strategy, senior management advisory, team building and training, strategic partnerships, event management, and product development for companies. In January , driven by a passion to help the general public to understand and participate actively in the next technological revolution, Charlie launched TECH — a community and platform for professionals to learn about the next wave of disruptive, emerging technologies and to facilitate discourse about the impact of these technologies on society and the future.

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