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Matt Kopkin—who has since moved on to pursue other things—left his mark on the record with bellowing basslines, mixing their way into the glittery guitars.

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It was a weird meta element to the writing, where I talk a lot to myself, but in the perspective of someone else. The tentative hope knitted throughout Paper Wings is inspiring, proving that there is room to fly for Henrietta, even with doubt standing in their way.

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Prosthesis is a truly moody, dark, seductive, intriguing tour de force. Worth—are very busy this summer. The actual piece of artwork will be shown at Mad World Records in Denton.

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The California groove masters still have their signature sound, but come across as a band renewed on their May 13 release Trust No One, available via Napalm Records. Singer Dez Fafara describes the new material as a rebirth for the band and himself. Fafara describes the new lineup as more cohesive than ever before, with all of the band members contributing to writing new material. The band put together 22 songs altogether and narrowed that down to 12 for the album.

Fafara says the new members fit in instantly and relieved any tension that was in the band before, making for a smoother, more relaxed process.

The band saw Lewis as a producer who could understand what they wanted and capture their best effort. White Lung are just this kind of dangerous and relatable band. My brain is always going a million miles a minute. It is a weird adrenaline rush that resets your brain. White Lung spent a month in the studio, working closely with Stalfors to push their new songs to the next level. We looked at those four songs and talked about what the record needed, and assembled new songs out of the little pieces of music that I had kicking around. So, we did a lot of it in the studio.

Deep Fantasy was great, it did what it did, but we needed a new challenge. So, we worked with a new producer and a whole new set of influences. It play that card, they are fucking had to come to life in the studio. We used a lot of Earthquaker pedals to get some weird noises. There are a couple times where we used samples. The songs on this record are more distinct from each other, and that was my main goal. We really wanted to step outside of our comfort zone. He parked his car at a green light and ran away.

Their new album, Peach—which was released April 9 via Records— reflects this change. Vocalist] David [Kelling] brings a camera on stage. At some point, we noticed it was all people with their arms crossed, and they looked bored. The songs started as punk songs in rehearsal, but evolved into something more in the studio.

Culture Abuse share the same goal: to switch things up and do something new. Culture Abuse are confident and optimistic.

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There was a lot of controversy when Green left Saosin, but his return to the fold was surprisingly drama-free. We were just kids. We all came from the same spot, and it was good. I had had nightmares about it in the past, but everyone was really cool. That happens when you get older: you either turn into a bigger shitbag or you become determined to not be a shitbag. It was just the right time.

He was so juiced up from that, that he came home and recorded those riffs. We workshopped everything and we all built the record together. There were ideas and riffs, but all the songs got restructured the more we all worked on them and shifted them around. Everyone had their hand in fine-tuning the songs. It was very much a collaboration. I think the best ideas on the record came after I was in the band and Beau was just riffing around all inspired. I feel like I had to live up to this idea that I was some genius or talent. As you get older, you.

Being able to sing and perform a song you really love and believe in is the main goal. There is no right and wrong way to go about doing that. A lot of it was just trial and error. I want to start a reggae band. When Kvelertak guitarist and pianist Vidar Landa answers the phone, he is eating a sandwich.

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Relaxing on a rare day off, the food is a welcome meal after his flying lessons. For someone who travels as much as Landa and his bandmates, he must possess a perpetual need for adventure to opt for getting in another small plane. They opened for Mastodon for two jaunts, then supported Slayer and Anthrax through Europe.

As Landa continues to devour his sandwich in a Roadrunner conference room high above New York City, he admits to the inevitability of more touring. At this point, Kvelertak have been in the States for one week, headlining with. Louis, and many more cities over three. There is so much to see. Our crowd over here has been growing each time. People treat us great. You meet cool people that care about music.

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Nattesferd—out May 13—is their third studio album, and their second with Roadrunner Records. Like Mastodon meets Judas Priest, the track salutes Viking legends of melees and carnage. So, when we wrote all the songs, we knew we had to pull it off in the studio.

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You can feel it in the songwriting. For an entire album, we jammed out. He also reports a swirling atmosphere. This is that Kvelertak produced the odd for the band, but paradoxi- record themselves for the first cally makes sense when Landa time. It would be we needed this huge studio,. Amp e r Tone in Oslo, with one big room for all the amps to be separate from each other playing live. Nick Terry is the engineer. He works in the studio that did the last Turbonegro album, electronic music, and The Libertines. The four weeks close to home in Amper Tone obviously allowed Kvelertak to fully flesh out their ideas.

If we started having clean vocals, it would sound cheesy. But, we have different stuff like choral vocals and even female vocals on two tracks. He did our first video and one for the Meir record. Personally, I have known him since out of high school.

There is self-realization that happened to the friends. They are currently booked all the way through December. With Slayer, we were opening, which means we have 30 minutes. We take out the jam songs and choose the shorter, high energy ones. We use the diversity of what we have done over three records. These words have become universally synonymous with the Nails brand.

After signing with Nuclear Blast Entertainment in mid , all eyes have been on the band in eager anticipation of their new album. His production style is perfect in assisting Nails in getting our point across.

24 November 2017

We signed Produced once again by the albefore I even knew they were mighty Kurt Ballou—who has Their records have always fol- on Nuclear. They offered a deal produced all of their releases lowed some sort of theme, and that fit our agenda more so aside from their first, Obscene this one is no different. Jones than other label. Also, the fact. Anyone who follows the band knows of their touring schedule: short runs and one-off fests are the norm for Nails. If you follow the band, you know what to expect. I have to leave my dog and leave my bed. Talk to any working band caught in the vicious.

The end result left him bedridden in a hospital with brain swelling, vertigo spells, a fractured skull and orbital, and an injured back. By that point, both as. So, there was no more worrying about anything at that point.