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You knew it was meant to be. The things that make us happy, make us laugh or just smile. This made me happy. And this made me happy enough to write about it.

Fairytale ending

This might not be a spectacular piece of journalism. This might not even be to the standard that you expect of me on this blog.

But you know what? Sometimes, something is better than nothing, and this is who I am.

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There is something very freeing about just being who I am and writing what I want. It gives me the opportunity to start somewhere. Say what you want about my taste in television, or my faith in the seemingly ridiculous. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Culture A Fairy-tale Ending September 20, Claudia Forsberg.

They still had at least a decade of working to go before they got there but they were making steady progress and things were on course and looking good. Then one day, over breakfast, the couple switched on the TV to watch the news. They saw a steady stream of reports of political turmoil across the globe and heard markets were plummeting in response.

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On picking up a newspaper they saw that war between a country in the West and a country in the East seemed almost inevitable, and that the global economy was on the brink of meltdown. Their smartphones continued to bleep and ping all day with fresh updates on the apparent end of the world until, finally, the couple had had enough. They rang their financial adviser and told her what they wanted her to do. They said the markets had declined by 15 per cent overnight so they wanted to take all their money out of equities and put half of it in fixed income and the other half in cryptocurrencies.

The only positive thing the news channels had reported this year — and something that was backed up by casual gossip — was that investing in cryptocurrencies would make a huge amount of guaranteed profit almost immediately. The couple were both frightened and unsettled and this new plan was the only way they could see themselves staying on course for that dignified retirement. Andy Hart: Why advisers resist behavioural finance.

The financial adviser listened carefully.

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When the couple had finished outlining their new financial plan, she started to tell them a story of her own. It was a story about the future, and how things might turn out if the couple were to follow a different path.


From Rescue Centre to Therapy Dog – Seamus’ Fairy-tale Ending — THERAPY DOGS NATIONWIDE

In this future world, the global equities markets — consisting of all the great companies — had remained volatile for a year or so. They re-entered the equities market but only when it had risen to a higher level than when they had left it. Meanwhile, the value of their investment in cryptocurrencies plummeted as the next big thing became untouchable in no time at all. They were no longer on course to be able to retire when they had planned to and the retirement itself began to look less comfortable and dignified by the day.

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