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It is of course important, but the following suggestions are as well essential:. Pay attention to the place of entry and exit — these places can sometimes be harder to overcome than the ford itself. You can go without any fear till the depth determined by the manufacture. Is is not recommended to exceed the depth determined by the manufacture if you have no experience. With the car that is prepared for off road driving it is possible to cross the fords of up to 1 meter in depth. Be sure to use the all-wheel drive when crossing the ford, and lock the inter-axial differential, if you have one.

Drive slowly in the water first or second reduction gear and cross the ford by making a wave in the front of your car. If the water goes over the engine bonnet or splashes into the windshield — you are driving too fast. Turn off the lights before driving into water. Check if there is no water in the lamps after you drive out. When you return from such off road driving and river crossing adventures, check the oil in the axles and in the boxes — water could be there as well.

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I can say from my own experience that after first successful attempts you have a feeling, which is no doubt misleading, that there is no such thing as invincible ford. All the historical books I've read never talked about emergency rooms in their hospitals or the Texas Rangers going running in the morning or wearing black face paint and acting like modern day Special Ops men. Maybe I'm wrong : but it was a nice light read.

Villagers carry man, cross river to rush him to hospital after snakebite

Apr 21, Katherine rated it liked it Shelves: romance , cowboys-cowgirls. I really liked Jake Nelson. He's a good character. Feb 17, Hannah rated it it was ok. I really like The Vigilantes Bride so I had high hopes for this one. I enjoyed the first few parts of the book but by the middle it was hard to continue.

It got too confusing as timelines didn't seem to match up, they jumped from place to place with little to no transition, and a lot of characters were introduced never to appear again. To be fair I do have the flu and I'm drugged up on cough medicine so that could be a facto Sadly I didn't enjoy A River to Cross as much as I would have liked to.

To be fair I do have the flu and I'm drugged up on cough medicine so that could be a factor but I have been able to get through other books just fine. While I'm sad this didn't pan out I would give this author a try again in the future as I enjoyed her first book very much. May 10, Jennifer Pryke rated it it was ok.

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Life is to short to waste on bad books. Gave up in chapter By then the ending of the book is as plain as day. There are so many historical inconsistencies I had to keep double checking the date the story is supposed to be set in. The romance, if one can call it that, is seriously forced.

Jul 31, Rubie rated it it was amazing. Great book! May 31, Madison Rinnels rated it really liked it. I love pretty easy to follow and exciting stories like this. Jul 30, Mattie rated it it was amazing. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I couldn't put in down!

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Dec 11, Heidi Pack rated it liked it. Oct 31, Laura rated it it was ok. Once in a while I like to read a good Western romance. There's something about cowboys and the rugged setting of the Wild West that I find appealing. A River to Cross takes place in Rio Grande, Texas in , where Elizabeth Evans is kidnapped after her brother is killed for exposing the dangers along the U. Texas Ranger Jake Nelson is commissioned to rescue her and to apprehend Mexican General Manuel Diego who is responsible for bad relations between the two countries. Harris s Once in a while I like to read a good Western romance.

Harris succeeds in bringing the setting to life for me, from the dusty, hot trails bordered by cliffs to the small Mexican town of San Miguel with its whitewashed mud houses and sandstone church. I learned about Texas Rangers and their role at a time when boundaries between countries were not so clear and disputed.

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  6. Harris writes with confidence about the Old West and she infuses her narrative with subtle humour. It's clear she is comfortable writing about politics and the military.

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    Although I enjoyed this novel, there were a few things that I questioned or that didn't jive with me. Elizabeth sees her brother with whom she was close get shot and die just before she is abducted, but from the time she's rescued a few days later there is no mention of her mourning him at all. It was as if he never existed. Instead she is quickly enamoured with Jake, giggling with him, settling back into normal life and dating him on her return home.

    She never cried once for her brother or the dire circumstances of her family. It's like nothing happened. She has a little niece her brother's daughter with whom she lived and again there is very little mention of her seeing or comforting the child who just lost a father and had lost a mother not a year ago. The romance seemed to take precedence over everything, making some situations very unrealistic and it was the least exciting aspect for me. The dialogue seemed awkward at times and did not always suit the characters. I think this book needed better editing. Elizabeth is a senator's daughter brought up in Washington as a socialite, yet she comes to the small town of El Paso and adapts without mishap to life in the rugged, dangerous West on her own, without a maid or chaperone.

    She cannot cook she declared and we see this when she dumped a whole pack of rice in boiling water and made an inedible mess, but not a month later she cooks meals for ten hearty Ranger men? As much as I liked the setting, I did not care too much for the characters. The enemy Diego shows up a few times but didn't come across as a real danger, even if he did want to kill Elizabeth, which seemed a little far-fetched since she did not publish anything to warrant this in the newspaper business she took over from her deceased brother.

    Incidentally, this too was very little explored in the story although it was supposed to play a major role. Too bad, because I was looking forward to seeing how a woman tackled journalism in a world where men dominated.

    How not to drive over water tourists

    Instead, it was glossed over. Everything came across as easy for Elizabeth, with not much internal or external struggle. Overall, this was a fast, simple read. If you like romantic antics within the setting of the Old West without caring too much if the plot is good, this book will do. Jul 24, Courtney rated it it was amazing Shelves: christian-historical-fiction , christian-suspense , clean-romance , for-review.

    Elizabeth, an upcoming journalist at her brother's newspaper business and the daughter of a U. Senator, watches her brother get killed right in front of her eyes and then the killers decide to kidnap her and take her with them in hopes of using her for leverage! Texas Ranger Jake Nelson hears about the brutal murder of his friend and the kidnapping of the young beauty Elizabeth by the revolting Mexican Manuel Diego and decides he will not rest until she is safe and sound and Diego is brought t Elizabeth, an upcoming journalist at her brother's newspaper business and the daughter of a U.

    Texas Ranger Jake Nelson hears about the brutal murder of his friend and the kidnapping of the young beauty Elizabeth by the revolting Mexican Manuel Diego and decides he will not rest until she is safe and sound and Diego is brought to justice!! Jake sets out to find Elizabeth and when he succeeds not only does he begin to realize that she is nothing like he expected but much more, but he also severely ticks off Diego!!

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    That begins the hunt Diego initiates to find Elizabeth and have her murdered! A River to Cross starts off with a bang and the excitement begins full throttle and it doesn't end until the end of the story!! The story is filled with action packed adventure, suspense and a sweet love story woven within! My favorite part of this story is the main characters Jake and Elizabeth!! I really enjoyed reading about Elizabeth.